BEK TV Unmasks the Heartland’s Darkest Secrets in New Show

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Midwest Murder: True Crime Stories Debuts January 21

BISMARCK, N.D., Jan. 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — BEK TV announces the launch of Midwest Murder: True Crime Stories, a groundbreaking television show based on the immensely popular true crime podcast, Midwest Murder. To learn when and where you can watch, visit BEK Buzz.

Hosted by Dawn Palumbo and Jonah Lantto, Midwest Murder: True Crime Stories delves into the darkest secrets of the Midwest, where heinous crimes shatter the illusion of peace and quiet in seemingly idyllic communities. Dawn Palumbo brings her unique blend of wit, humor, and compassion to the show, advocating for victims and mental health awareness. Jonah Lantto infuses each episode with authenticity and impact. His dedication to the art of storytelling makes the program one of the most captivating crime shows available. 

“BEK TV is offering us a platform to deliver awareness and education about the criminal cases that many people have never heard of before,” says Dawn. “We want to be sure that these cases and the victims involved are not lost on the back pages of newspapers.”

Jonah goes on to say, “Although the Midwest is a safe and wonderful place to live, evil has no boundaries and lurks everywhere, oftentimes in plain sight. Unfortunately, what our stories illustrate time and again is what people are capable of, and that tragedy isn’t absent in the Midwest.” 

The first episode of Midwest Murder: True Crime Stories takes viewers back to the winter of 1987 when a long-haul truck driver was brutally slain at a grain elevator in Minot, ND. His killer managed to hide in plain sight for months, nearly escaping justice. In the second episode, scheduled for January 28, Dawn and Jonah tell the chilling story of 15-year-old Michael Neugebauer, who arrives to see his girlfriend at Century High School in Bismarck with a stash of cash, leading to a series of events that nobody could have predicted.

Don’t miss the gripping premiere of Midwest Murder: True Crime Stories. Learn more on BEK Buzz.


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