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Meta Ends Workplace App, Shifts Focus to AI and Metaverse


Meta (NASDAQ:META)Platforms, the parent company of Facebook, announced that it will discontinue its business-oriented Workplace app by June 2026 as part of its strategic shift towards artificial intelligence and metaverse technologies. While the Workplace app will cease being available to customers by 2026, Meta will maintain its use internally as a messaging board until August 2025.

A Meta spokesperson stated, “We are discontinuing Workplace to concentrate on developing AI and metaverse technologies, which we believe will fundamentally change how we work. Over the next two years, we will assist our Workplace customers in transitioning to Zoom’s Workvivo product, our sole preferred migration partner.”

Initially launched in 2016, Workplace was designed to enhance enterprise communication with features like multi-company groups and shared spaces, enabling collaboration across different organizations.

This decision aligns with Meta’s increasing investment in AI and the metaverse, a virtual shared space that the company envisions as the next evolution of the internet. This shift, however, raises concerns about potential rising costs impacting the company’s growth trajectory.

Meta also informed that the billing and payment terms for Workplace will remain unchanged until August of this year. The app currently offers a base monthly plan at $4 per user, with additional features available from $2 per user per month. Billing is based on the number of users each month unless a fixed plan is in place.

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