Snowflake Bolsters Security Amid Breach Probes

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Snowflake Inc. (NYSE:SNOW) is taking proactive steps to enhance security controls following reports of potential data breaches at companies like Advanced Auto Parts Inc. and Live Nation Entertainment Inc.

The cloud-based data analytics firm has acknowledged hacker attempts targeting some of its customers’ accounts, utilizing methods such as information-stealing malware or purchased credentials. To mitigate risks, Snowflake is developing a plan that would mandate advanced security measures, including multifactor authentication (MFA) for its customers.

This initiative follows revelations by Live Nation about unauthorized activity within a third-party cloud database, reportedly hosted on Snowflake’s platform. The Australian government also issued warnings regarding “increased cyber activity” affecting Snowflake customers.

Meanwhile, Advanced Auto Parts is investigating a reported “security incident related to Snowflake.” Snowflake, however, asserts its innocence in the Live Nation breach and is collaborating with cybersecurity firms like Google’s Mandiant and CrowdStrike for investigations.

Snowflake emphasized in a blog post that there is no evidence suggesting vulnerabilities in its platform caused recent hacking activities.

The situation highlights the persistent threat posed by information-stealing malware, which has evolved over the years. Cybercriminals exploit such tools to gather sensitive data, including credit card numbers and browsing activity. Groups like ShinyHunters, purportedly responsible for the alleged Ticketmaster data breach, have a history of targeting large organizations.

As Snowflake intensifies its security efforts, the broader cybersecurity landscape underscores the growing demand for robust protection against evolving cyber threats.

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